Excursions and activities (Distance from guesthouse)

Erding Spa 32 km

The Erding spa is the largest in the world with thermal baths, 26 slides, new wave pool, exotic spa, vital oasis and vital spa and sauna.

Wasserburg town 32 km

Even the first encounter is impressive. Looking like a peninsula with the river Inn on one side and a steep hill on the other, Wasserburg seems to rise above the mundane. The first glimpse on arrival is like a fairy tale. A town with pastel coloured walls, with alcoves and battlements, with a walled thoroughfare and an almighty castle.

Lake Chiemsee 62 km

Lake Chiemsee, also known as the Bavarian sea, is with an area of 79.9 km² the largest lake in Bavaria. It is the third largest lake in Germany after Bodensee and Lake Müritz.

Kampenwand mountain 81 km

From the Kampenwand you can enjoy a unique view of the central Alps and of Lake Chiemsee with its islands.

Munich 56 km

Munich is the provincial capital of Bavaria with countless sights and landmarks.

Salzburg 113 km

Enjoy this congenial Mozart town with its unmistakable charm.